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The Statesmen, under the leadership of the amazing Hovie Lister, were the standard by which all other male quartets were measured. This recording, "The Common Man" was recorded in 1970 and features the memorable recitation of the title song by bass singer, Jim "Big Chief" Wetherington. Hailed as the Group of the Century, the Statesmen's recordings are still loved by Gospel Music Fans around the globe.

  • This Is The Day
  • The Common Man
  • Sin Ain't Nothing But The Blues
  • If To Gain The World
  • I'm Going To Roll Along
  • Something Happened To Daddy
  • I Just Can't Praise Him Enough
  • Medley (No One Cared For Me Like Jesus, Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know,
  • Standing Somewhere In The Shadows, Jesus Is The One)

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Recorded in 1960, The Statesmen were always Encoring their most popular songs of that era in their career. This is a Collection of those Popular Songs that even today, stand up to the best Quartet Music in the Industry.

  • Something To Shout About
  • His Hand In Mine
  • Heavenly Love
  • I Have A Desire
  • I just Can't Make It By Myself
  • Jubilee's A Comin'
  • I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs
  • In My Father's House
  • A Newborn Feeling
  • Everybody Ought To Know
  • I'll Leave It All Behind
  • O My Lord, What A Time

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The Statesmen set the standard of continually presenting songs that lasted well beyond the years of their career. This recording, "Featuring..." was produced in 1970 and is filled with songs that continue to be recorded by Quartets. Featuring Hovie Lister, the Beautiful Tenor Voice of Sherill Neilsen, Doy Ott, writer Jim Hill and the unmistakable, Big Chief, this recording is one of their later career Best.

  • God Will Provide
  • Just Let Me Touch Him
  • Great Is The Lord
  • Unworthy
  • The Impossible Dream
  • Gonna Shout Hallelujah
  • Have You Tried The Lord Today
  • I Must Tell Jesus
  • Road Of No Return
  • When My Soul Takes Its Flight

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Recorded in 1969, The Statesmen always stayed on the cutting edge of Gospel Music for the time. With a mix of Southern Gospel, Black Gospel and Contemporary (for the time), The Statesmen were always turning heads and ears and watched by the other Quartets in the Gospel Music Industry to see what was next from this innovative group. This recording "New Sounds Today" is the best example of this Innovative Group.

  • That's What Jesus Means To Me
  • Tell It To Jesus
  • My Dream Home In Glory
  • I'll Never Forget
  • God Put A Rainbow In The Cloud
  • The Blood Will Never Loose Its Power
  • I Know The Lord Will Never Fail
  • The Cross Made The Difference
  • Keep Moving Along
  • In The Beginning

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The Blackwood Brothers are Historic. This recording, "Quartet Classics", is a Collection of their most Popular Songs at this point in their career. Recorded in Stereo in 1958 for RCA, The Blackwood Brothers were the leading force in Gospel Music at the time and continued as one of the most Popular Groups coming out of Gospel Music.

  • Give The World A Smile
  • Sunday Meetin' Time
  • Just A Closer Walk With Thee
  • Looking For A City
  • I Want To Be More Like Jesus
  • Over The Moon
  • A Mail Order From Heaven
  • Just A Little Talk With Jesus
  • Every Day Will Be Sunday
  • How Long Has It Been

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"Give The World A Smile" was recorded by the Blackwood Brothers in 1959 and was the 1st Recording by the Blackwoods on their co-owned label titled the "Skylite Rocording Co". Filled with Classic Songs, anyone who loves the "old style" Quartet singing will love the Blackwoods and "Give The World A Smile".

  • A Beautiful Life
  • Just A Closer Walk With Thee
  • Looking For A City
  • Peace Like A River
  • Tell My Friends
  • Where Could I Go
  • Over The Moon
  • That Glad Reunion Day
  • Life's Railway To Heaven
  • A Mail Order From Heaven
  • Give The World A Smile
  • I Want To Be More Like Jesus

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The Blackwood Brothers Quartet recorded this Classic Album in 1959 and it is a Collectable for anyone who loves Gospel Music. Setting a standard in Gospel Music, The Blackwoods were on the path of creating History. This recording was a major step for the Group and features songs that are still performed today.

  • Where No One Stands Alone
  • I Am A Pilgrim
  • How Long Has It Been
  • In My Father's House
  • I Shall Be At Home With Jesus
  • He's Everywhere
  • Savior, Gently Take Me Home
  • Sunday Meetin' Time
  • It Took A Miracle
  • Just A Little Talk With Jesus
  • Lord, Keep Your Hand On Me
  • Everyday Will Be Sunday By And By

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Recorded in 1962, this Classic Recording was a step toward a more progressive sound for this iconic Gospel Group. Always cutting edge in Gospel Music, The Blackwoods were redefining themselves and any lover of Gospel Music will still find this recording one of their best.

  • I'm Free Again
  • What A Savior
  • He
  • When God's Chariot Comes
  • The Love Of God
  • Lord, Build Me A Cabin IN Glory
  • Sing, Be Happy
  • Beyond The Sunset
  • Give Me Time
  • There's A God Somewhere
  • 'Tis Wonderful To Me
  • When They Ring Those Golden Bells

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The Blackwood Brothers have recorded many Classic Recordings that are still studied by today's Quartets and other lovers of Gospel Music. This interest stems from The Blackwoods continual striving to present The Gospel in music with creative and new sounds, harmonies and melodies that set the standard for the time. This recording, "Release Me" is filled with this type of progressive songs.

  • Release Me (From My Sin)
  • Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody
  • I Knew Jesus (Before He Was A Super Star)
  • For Me
  • At The Crossing
  • God Showed His Love To Me
  • Leaning On The Arms Of Jesus
  • Blessed Jesus
  • I Like What's Happening
  • Something Took Hold Of Me

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J.D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet continued the legacy first set by V.O. Stamps, The Blackwoods and Statesmen Quartets. Heavy rhythms with a Black Gospel feel to the music, this was a character of The Stamps. Eventually providing backing vocals for Elvis Presley, the Stamps gained national fame and popularity.

  • For God So Loved
  • He's All To Me
  • There Is A Fountain
  • I'm Gonna See Heaven Someday
  • I Am Thine
  • Medley
  • Happiness
  • I'm Happy And Free
  • I Must Tell Jesus
  • Old Country Church
  • Somewhere
  • Ship Ahoy

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J.D. Sumner was not only known as "The World's Lowest Bass Singer" but also known as a prolific Songwriter. Having penned 100's of Gospel Music songs performed by many of the Gospel Music Artists of the day as well as Elvis Presley, The Stamps collection of songs found on "Signs Of A Good Life" feature many of J.D.'s best songs.

  • Signs Of A Good Life
  • Jesus Saves
  • The Things That Matter
  • Lord, Teach Me How To Pray
  • Happy For the Lord Is Mine
  • Big, Big Love
  • Because Of Him
  • He Means The World To Me
  • Road Of No Return
  • Mommy's Boy
  • The Homecoming Week

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What can be said....These are the Founding Fathers of Southern Gospel Music collectively coming together to produce Classic Gospel Music. James Blackwood, Hovie Lister, J.D. Sumner, Rosie Rozell and Jake Hess are the Masters V and their music is forever enjoyed. This recording "Classics Of Yesteryear" was produced in 1986.

  • A Wonderful Time Up There
  • Something Within
  • Where The Should Never Dies
  • On The Jericho Road
  • Give The World A Smile
  • Roll On Jordan
  • That's Enough
  • A Beautiful Life
  • Old Campmeeting Day
  • Rainbow Of Love

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One of Gospel Music's most recognized and popular songs, "O, What A Savior" is the centerpiece of this Classic Recording, produced in 1982 and performed by the one who popularized the song, Rosie Rozell. This Collection is filled with memorable songs performed by Gospel Music's greatest Quartet, The Masters V.

  • There's Gonna Be A Great Day
  • The Touch Of His Hand
  • Closer To Thee
  • Just A Little Talk with Jesus
  • I'm Climbing Higher and Higher
  • O, What A Savior
  • Medley, No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus, Jesus Is All The World To Me, Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know, Standing Somewhere In The Shadows, Jesus Is The One

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This, the initial 1981 release by this Classic Quartet, is a must for the Collector of Gospel Music. Featuring the talents of Hovie Lister, James Blackwood, J.D. Sumner, Rosie Rozell and Jake Hess, this recording was anticipated by all who loved Gospel Music during this period. Many of the great songs of the day are incorporated in the Album and many Classics from the past.

  • When Morning Comes
  • When He Blest My Soul
  • First Day In Heaven
  • The Key To The Kingdom
  • His Eye Is On The Sparrow
  • How Great Thou Art
  • Hide Thou Me
  • You And Me, Jesus
  • I've Got To Walk That Lonesome Road
  • Faith Unlocks The Door

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2nd in their series of recordings, release in 1982, The Masters V have incorporated many of the Legendary Songs that brought this talented group together. All who loved Gospel Music were waiting in anticipation for this Classic Recording and even today, many are enjoying the great songs and arrangements found on this collectable recording.

  • We'll Understand It Better By and By
  • There Is A Light
  • Sweet Beulah Land
  • Jesus Loves Me
  • What A Friend We Have In Jesus
  • Glory, Glory, Clear The Road
  • It's Not All Over
  • He's Not Disappointed In Me Anymore
  • The Unclouded Day
  • It Is Finished

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Recorded in 1955, this Classic Recording features The First Family of Gospel Music as they were when Harmony was an art. Dad Speer required his family to know how to harmonize and this "Family Favorites" recording captures this group right at the beginning of the growth of their National Popularity. It's truly a Collectable Album for anyone who loves Gospel Music.

  • If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side
  • Unworthy
  • Child Of The Kin
  • I've Been To Calvary
  • Keep Me
  • He'll Pilot Me
  • Straight Road To The Sky
  • From Now ON
  • I'll Never Be Lonely
  • Follow Me
  • I Found Him At An Altar Of Prayer
  • My Family And My Bible

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The Speer Family, led by Dad and Mom Speer, have been known as The First Family of Gospel Music for decades. It's rightfully earned as they began their Ministry in 1921. This recording, "Keep A Happy Heart" is one of their early recordings for Skylite Records and features some of Dad Speer's best penned songs and many other Classics established by this First Family.

  • Keep A Happy Heart
  • I'll Be There
  • The Old Fashioned Meeting
  • When I Hear Jesus Say, "Come Home"
  • The Prettiest Flower Will be Blooming
  • My Lord Will Lead Me Home
  • Somebody Loves Me
  • The Old Ship Of Zion
  • Living On The Sunny Side
  • The Joy Of Serving The Lord
  • Lord, Teach Me How To Pray
  • My Lord Will Take Care Of Me

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This Skylite Recording of America's First Family of Gospel Music, The Speer Family, features the title song, "Won't We Be Happy". Mom and Dad Speer used to sing this song to each other on stages all across the Country and that image is burned in so many hearts that had the opportunity to witness this memorable moment. Many other great songs share the stage on this Collectable recording as well.

  • I'm Looking For Jesus
  • Time Has Made A Change
  • Won't We Be Happy
  • I Want Too See Jesus First Of All
  • Greater Love Hath No Man
  • My Home Sweet Home
  • I'll Live In Glory
  • How Big Is God
  • Palms Of Victory
  • Born To Serve The Lord
  • Little Is Much
  • Our Troubles Will Be Over

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The Speer Family shares songs that made them "Fan Favorites" all across the nation. Beginning this journey in 1921, The Speers remained one of Gospel Music's most popular Artists until their retirement in 2002.

  • I Won't Turn Back
  • I'm Bound For That City
  • One By One
  • Standing By The River
  • I Was There When It Happened
  • Oh, It Thrills Me
  • I Want To Know
  • Then I Met The Master
  • Do You Know My Jesus
  • Surely God Is Able
  • All Of This And Heaven Too
  • Do Right and Come Smiling Through

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The Oak Ridge Quartet is one of the most popular groups that ever graced the Gospel Music stages around the country. They are well known for their success as Country Music Artists but their origin is in Gospel Music. This recording, "River Of Life" is one of their Classic Gospel Recordings.

  • Someday
  • My Heavenly Father
  • Day Of Rejoicing
  • Lead Me To Calvary
  • I Know My Savior Is There
  • River Of Life
  • I Know
  • Without God
  • The Old Country Church
  • No One Cared So Much
  • Farther Along
  • God's Hands

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The Oak Ridge Quartet were always introducing new songs and a new style to Gospel Music even just before they made the transition to Country Music. This recording, "Sing For You" is the beginning of that tradition. Featuring many new songs for the time and some Classics, The Oaks were progressive with it all.

Anywhere Is Home
The Angels Must Have Cried
You Can Have Him
There Will Be Peace
Close To The Master
How About Your Heart
Keep Walking
An Empty Mansion
Is My Lord Satisfied With Me
I Know The Lord Will Stand By Me
In the Upper Room
Ride That Glory Train

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The Oaks introduced many new Gospel Songs to fans as they traveled around the country. This is a collection of many of the new songs they introduced in the '60s with many still popular today. The pure 4 part harmony that has been their trademark in Gospel and now in Country is exhibited to it's height in this recording, "Sing and Shout".

  • Sing And Shout
  • My All I Give
  • Our Debts Will Be Paid
  • On The Other Side Of Jordan
  • I'll Lose My Blues In Heaven
  • Keep Me
  • For I've Got The Lord
  • Lord, I Want To Go Home
  • God Bess You, Go With God
  • Do You Know Jesus
  • Behind Your Tears
  • At The Roll Call

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The Oak Ridge Quartet is all about Harmony. Whether it's County or Gospel, the group is known for it's Harmony. This Classic Recording of the Oak Ridge Quartet from the '60s is Classic Harmony. Filled with great and lasting songs that have stood the test of time,.....just like the Oaks.

  • I'll Live In Glory
  • In The Shelter Of His Arms
  • I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
  • When I Lay My Burdens Down
  • On The Sunny Banks
  • Welcome Home
  • It's A Wonderful Feeling
  • Tell It Again
  • Help Me Not To Complain
  • My Wonderful God
  • I'll Shake The Hand Of The Lord
  • Less Of Me

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James Blackwood was one of the Founding Fathers of Southern Gospel Music. He was instrumental in the establishment of The Gospel Music Association and The National Quartet Convention. He was most notably famous for his leadership of The Blackwood Brothers Quartet and his strong voice and presentation of music. This recording is the "Lost" recordings made by James as a soloist and are now rediscovered.

  • Walk With Me
  • The Love Of God
  • It Took A Miracle
  • The Healer
  • Fill My Cup, Lord
  • Lovest Thou Me
  • I Should Have Been Crucified
  • My God And I
  • Jesus Will Outshine Them All

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More of Gospel Music families come together for this unique recording and sing some of their most requested songs. Hear The Lesters with "He Didn't Throw The Clay Away" and The Kevin Spencer Family with "Keys To The Kingdom". Plus for a special treat listen to a classic recording by The Thrasher Brothers with the late George Younce sing "Heavenly Parade" like no one else can. A true Southern Gospel collectors' must for their music library!

  • Shoutin Time- Hoppers
  • I'll Be A Witness- Bishops
  • Keys To The Kingdom- Kevin Spencer Family
  • The Party's Over- Hemphills
  • He Didn't Throw The Clay Away- Lesters
  • I've Got To Praise Him- Nelons
  • Greatest Of These-Weatherfords with Glen Payne
  • Some Glad Day After Awhile- Speer Family
  • Heavenly Parade- Thrasher Brothers with George Younce
  • Holy Is The Lord- John Hagee Family

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A Collection of Southern Gospel Favorites from artists of today and yesterday, you have some of the best that Gospel Music has to offer with this collection. Songs like "Echoes From The Burning Bush" by The Cathedral Quartet and the number one hit "Shoutin' Time" by The Hoppers. Your collection will not be complete without this recording!

  • Anchor To The Power Of The Cross- Hoppers
  • Hiding Like Elijah- Bishops
  • Echoes From The Burning Bush- Cathedral Quartet
  • Saved By Grace- Florida Boys
  • Waiting On The Word- Nelons
  • Get Up In Jesus Name- Walt Mills
  • Will The Circle Be Unbroken- Instrumental
  • Gettin' Ready Today- Homeland Quartet
  • Let The Celebration Begin- John Hagee Family
  • Class of 2000- Kevin Spencer Family
  • Splinter & Unknown Tongue- Dennis Swanburg
  • Let The Sunshine In- Cathedral Quartet
  • He Shall Return- Florida Boys
  • In The Cool Of The Day- Nelons
  • Cast Your Cares Upon Him- Walt Mills
  • I Believe In the Old Time Way- Speer Family
  • The Brush- Homeland Quartet
  • When The Spirit Of The Lord Comes Down- John Hagee Family
  • When The Praises Go Up- Joel and LaBreeska Hemphill

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Classic Gospel Quartet Music from artists ranging from that were legendary in their own right to groups that formed not that many years ago. All of these groups that you will hear like The Statesmen, The Florida Boys, The Imperials and The Homeland Quartet will bless you with Gospel Music, Southern Style. This compilation features the 1985 Singing News Fan Award Song Of The Year "When He Was On The Cross" by The Florida Boys

  • The Lighthouse- Stamps Quartet
  • Lead Me To The Altar - Florida Boys
  • At Calvary - Homeland Quartet
  • In The Garden - Mullins
  • Standing In The Presence of The King - Imperials
  • Goodbye, World Goodbye - Statesmen
  • Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing - N'Harmony
  • Living By Faith Medley - Homeland Quartet
  • When He Was On The Cross - Florida Boys
  • O My Lord What A Time - Statesment

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"The Tradition Lives On" is the first recording of this pure Southern/Country Gospel Quartet. Featuring Ben Speer, Joe Thrasher, Herman Harper and Bill Traylor their goal was to produce one recording of Classic Songs and that was it. However, they started a Tradition and that Tradition lived on for 25 years.

  • I'll Fly Away
  • In The Garden
  • This Ole House
  • Amazing Grace
  • He Touched Me
  • When The Saints Go Marching In
  • The Old Rugged Cross
  • Daddy Sang Bass
  • How Great Thou Art
  • Just A Little Talk With Jesus

Our Price: $8.98